Standing Seam Roofing

Why Standing Seam?

A standing seam metal roof, has a definable seam that extends vertically from the panel’s flat surface. This seam helps provide additional rigidity and support, making a standing seam metal roof a favorite of both residential and commercial applications.

One of the biggest benefits of a standing seam roof is the hidden fastener system it uses. Since a hidden fastener system is used, a standing seam roof rarely sees issues related to fasteners.

Another big benefit of a standing seam roof is its ability to be engineered with solar and snow retention options. Due to standing seam metal’s high-performing characteristics, they’re often chosen for those wanting to install solar or snow retention accessories on their metal roofs.

Many people choose standing seam for accent roofs, like porches, pent roofs, and porticos

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why we understand


Metal roofs are longer lasting than shingle and add a unique touch to your home.

Snow guards are designed to keep the snow from sliding off of your roof and damaging your gutters.

We use a hiding fastening system that screws each panel to the roof and then gets cover by the next panel that is installed.

30-50 years is an average life of a metal roof. Most of that depends on the wood structure underneath the metal and how well your attic is ventilated.